Lenga Viva, what is it ?

images (1)Since its creacion in 2001, Lenga Viva chose to show that occitan can be used in the creative area, as well as in the kniwledge of the specialists. Our goal ? To provoke the meeting of people, ideas, ways of expression.

L’Universitat Occitana d’Estiu de La Guépia,  qu’es aquò ?

Since 2002, the association and its volonteers organize the Summer Occitan University of Laguépie. In July, during a week, conferences (even often one in English !), working-grops (language, dance, singing…), concerts, meetings… the Occitan culture is celebrated in all its differents shapes.

« La Guépia » is a learning time, a moment of knowledge-sharing, with lessons, animations, encounters… It’s all about creating an unexpected meeting space :

Pupils from bilingual schools (french/occitanublic schools)) or from immersive schools (occitan private schools) can come and talk with “naturals” occitan speaking people, or with writers, intelectuals, artists…

The highbrow culture meets the popular one, strangers meet locals, they share about History and heritage.

Everything in a studious but relaxed atmosphere, the feets in the cool water of the Viaur and the Avairon, and the feeling of participating to the built of our country.

Organisators : Lenga Viva,  Carrefour Culturel Arnaud-Bernard, Escambiar


Who are we ?

Lenga Viva is the fruit of the collaboration between diferent people engaged in the occitan movement in Midi-Pyrénées and somewhere else.

President of thel’association : Claude Sicre

Treasurer : Svante Svahnström

Administrators :

Coordination : David Brunel

Where are we ? 

mtv2The association is located at Laguépie, village of the Tarn-et-Garonne department, in the region Occitanie :

Diaporama Lenga Viva

Diaporama Lenga Viva

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